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Mystique with Casino Chips

$ 399.95

Five Casino Chips are displayed and placed inside a drawstring bag. While your back is turned or you may completely leave the room, five spectators are invited to each reach into the bag, remove one casino chip and conceal it in his/her closed fist. When you return, one by one you will be able to correctly divine which spectator is holding which casino chip!

You could use just one spectator and ask her to conceal a folded banknote in one hand and any one of the casino chips in her other hand. Once done, you are able to reveal which hand contains the banknote plus the value of the casino chip she has been holding in her other hand as well!

The effect can be immediately repeated and everything can be completely examined.

Each RFID Casino Chip is custom made of acrylic with metallic gold graphics.

To learn more about the Mystique device, please click on the link below:


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