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Mini Cube-A-Libre

$ 149.95

Another great classic is now in miniature version!

Four blocks numbered 1 through 4 and an empty tube are displayed. Each block is then stacked on top of the other, in numerical order starting with number 1 on the bottom and covered with the tube. The performer points to the vertical easel and openly places the numbered plates on the easel with the 1 on top and 4 on bottom. When the cover is removed, the blocks have now magically rearranged themselves to exactly match the order on the easel! This is repeated several times. Each time they end up in the exact same order. To conclude, a spectator is invited to arrange the numbers on the easel in any order he chooses. Despite this, the cover is lifted and the stack of blocks still matches perfectly!

Each set is delicately hand-crafted from hardwood and adorned with brass engraved numbered plates. Each block is approximately 1 1/8 cubed and the tube is 4.5 in height.

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