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Mod Quad Penetration

Special thanks to Mr. Howard Baltus for coming up with the name of this effect.

Unquestionably, Mod Quad Penetration is one of the finest glass penetrations ever presented to the magic fraternity. Our version uses one of the most unique and intricately built mechanisms you’ll find in all magic. The mechanics of the frame are more involved than you probably think. It is truly a masterpiece of engineering.

The performer displays a window frame on both sides with four panes of glass along with two panel covers and a sword. Each glass pane is tapped with the sword to show it solid, and they truly are. Now, two panels each with four holes are placed on the frame, one in front of the glass and one behind.

The spectator is invited to point to any of the hole and, without hesitation; the performer pushes a sword through the chosen hole, apparently penetrating the glass. The performer then hands the spectator a sword and asks him to push it through the very same hole but it does not, the glass is in fact solid!

The performer then says some magic words and uses the sword to push a ribbon through one of the four holes and the ribbon left in place. This is repeated with the other three holes. The frame is then shown back and front with the ribbons running completely through! The performer now removes the ribbons and immediately lifts the panels, showing the glass unharmed and still perfectly solid!

The four holes represent the center of each of the panes and there appears to be no way the ribbons could have gone through them. It truly looks impossible!

The apparatus stands approximately 24cms high and 20cms wide and completely hand-crafted of genuine teak.

A museum-quality piece!