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Treasure of Mine (Streamline)

The performer displays a handsome tray on which sets four beautiful boxes and four completely opaque felt drawstring bags. He then brings forth a $100 bill with three blank sheets of similarly sized paper and tells the audience that they will have a chance to win the $$$ today. All four items are placed one into each box and the boxes then dropped into the drawstring bags. As a challenge, the performer either stands with his back turned, is genuinely blindfolded, or even leaves the room entirely, while the spectator is mixed the bags all up. Without even touching or seeing the bags or boxes, the performer takes one bag, leaving the remaining three with a spectator. Despite these test conditions, he announces that whoever holds the $100 bill may keep it! Needless to say, the spectator’s boxes hold only the blank slips!

Anything can be used and/or borrowed instead of a $100 bill.

Everything can be completely examined!
There is no marking system anywhere on the boxes or bags!
The effect can be immediately repeated!

The tray measures approximately 35cms in width x 15cms in depth x 2.5cms in height.

Finished in the finest possible coating with hand polishing and sanding in between.