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Chao Phraya Chest

Absolutely stunning in appearance! Each chest made from Burl wood which has a really attractive & unpredictable grain pattern with yellow-brown to dark golden brown color. This type of wood displays an artistically smooth and exotic grain that is unique to this distinctive wood.

The performer shows a coin and has it marked for later identification. He then takes the coin and causes it to vanish. The performer now directs attention to an ornate chest which is seen in full view before the show even begins. The chest is then opened and seen to be filled with coffee beans, protruding from the coffee beans is a ribbon. The spectator is asked to slowly pull the ribbon. Attached to the other end of the ribbon is a metal clip with the same marked coin securely between its jaws!

At the end, the coffee beans can be poured out of the chest and the chest is then shown to be absolutely no holes or slots anywhere!

The coin can be borrowed and marked by the spectator!
The chest is in full view before the coin vanishes!
The coin found in the chest is the very same, marked coin!

This handsome chest measures 12cms wide x 11cms high x 9cms deep. It is an instant performable collector’s piece of magic!

Finished in the finest possible coating with hand polishing and sanding in between.