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Din Daeng Die Vision

This is basically Color Vision outdone. What sets this apart from all others (besides the meticulous craftsmanship) is that it is a radically different method for divining a chosen number on a die. The intricate detailed woodwork on this piece is truly outstanding. A lot of effort went into putting this together…

The die is removed from a beautiful wooden box and both die and box are examined thoroughly by the spectator. The performer then turns his back and the spectator secretly places the die with his favorite number on top into the box and locks it closed. The performer now turns around and holds the box in full view. Without asking a single question, the performer immediately announced the selected number while the box is still locked! The box and die can then be immediately handed to the spectator to examine completely and the effect can be repeated over and over again without fear of detection.

Din Daeng Die Vision is made entirely of teak and completely hand-crafted with brass accents.

The box is the perfect size, 2” cubed, for easy carrying to do table hopping and walk around.