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Sword of the Ring

A small cabinet, a miniature sword and a ring pedestal are shown. The performer borrows a ring from a spectator and a borrowed ring is then placed into a pedestal. The pedestal is openly placed on the cabinetís floor and the door is then closed. The performer now picks up the sword and shows all around to be solid. A sword is then inserted into the sides of the cabinet near its top. With absolutely no hesitation, the performer pushed the sword down through the ring! When the front door is again opened, the sword is found to have magically penetrated right through the spectatorís ring! The performer then pulls the sword forward though the slots showing the ring to be unbroken and allows it to fall out from the sword into the spectatorís awaiting hand!

Use ANY borrowed ring. This will work with any type and style of ring as long as it fits into the pedestal.
It can be instantly repeated with absolutely no re-setting.
Completely self contained. Nothing is added or taken away.

This hand-crafted beauty is one of the marvels of true craftsmanship which you will admire.

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