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Siam Card Box

Special thanks to Mr. Tony Curtis for coming up with the name of this effect.

A spectator is given a deck of cards to examine and then thoroughly shuffle. The performer then points to a small box which is bound with a ribbon. Inside the box and clearly visible through a glass window is a face down playing card. The performer now slowly removes the ribbon and asks the spectator to open the box. The spectator then removes the card and shows it to the audience. To everyone’s surprise, the card from inside the box matches the top card from the examined and well-shuffled deck PERFECTLY! The effect is completely self-contained & the box also holds the poker size deck that is used.

The window box remains in full view the entire time!
A genuine ungimmicked deck is used!
The effect can be repeated with a different card each and every time!

Finished in the finest possible coating with hand polishing and sanding in between.