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Hook’s Chest

Special thanks to Mr. Tony Curtis for coming up with the name of this effect.

This authentic-looking pirate treasure chest will allow you to vanish a borrowed ring or a singed coin in full view of the spectator with absolutely no cover. The missing object may then be found in any location you wish.

This little chest has a wonderfully clever locking mechanism on the bottom. The brass work mechanism inside was an amazing piece of construction!

The chest itself has been exquisitely hand-rubbed to display the natural, rich lines of the teak wood, and polished to a high sheen throughout. It is then secured with literally over 70 tiny brass nails and artistically combined with antique finish 925 sterling silver skull fittings. The inside floor is also lined with black baize for perfectly silent operation. This handsome little chest measures 2 7/8 inches wide x 1 5/8 inch high x 2 1/8 inches deep. It’s a stunningly beautiful prop.

Collector Quality - Each chest is individually numbered!