Deluxe Super-Intelligence

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The performer displays a beautiful case including four brass plaques with randomly shown numbers engraved on each side. The performer also clearly demonstrates that with the simple displacement of just one of the plaques, the number formed could be changed dramatically, even by thousands. For example, 1239 could very well have been 9123, the difference of almost 8000. The spectator is then invited to rearrange the plaques in any order he wishes and to add up all of the five resulting four-digit numbers. The performer, without viewing the numbers which have been added, knows the total long before the spectator has commenced his addition!

Over 300 different combinations of numbers possible.
No assistants or calculators are required.
Instantly repeat the effect with a different outcome.

Each set is completed with a custom wooden, velvet lined case and beautiful brass engraved numbered plaques. Each brass plaque measures approximately 6.5cms by 1.2cms

Out of Stock
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