Number Divination

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The performer shows a handsome wooden chest and inside are four beautiful black blocks, numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4. All the props are then examined by the spectator. While the performer turns his back, the spectator secretly arranges the blocks in the chest in any order and then closes the lid. The performer then turns around and writes the order of the blocks down on a pad without any hesitation. The chest is now opened to confirm that he is 100% correct! The effect can be immediately repeated and everything can, again, be completely examined.

The lid is absolutely opaque and there are no sliding parts in the lid or the chest anywhere.
No peeking of any kind and the chest remains in view the entire time.
No palming required and can be performed with the sleeves rolled up.

This is a beautiful piece of close-up magic, the method used for “reading” is devilishly clever and it is not the old compass method! The performer does not even have to hold the box in order to reveal the order of the numbered blocks inside.

Each set is delicately hand-crafted from genuine teak and adorned with brass engraved numbered plates.

Out of Stock
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