Mystery of the Chinese Dice

$ 225

A beautiful stand with four wooden boxes is displayed. The performer then tells the story about a very old Chinese dice game and hands out four ancient “ivory” dice to four different spectators. Each spectator is asked to give the die a few rolls to make sure it’s a regular die and then place the dice inside the boxes. The performer hands anyone a sealed prediction and four spectators are each allowed to shake the die a few times. When completed, the spectator holding the prediction is instructed to open it and read it aloud. To everyone’s surprise, the number on top of each dice matches perfectly with the 4-digit prediction!

What’s nice about it is that the effect is self working and happens in the spectator’s hands!

At no time does the performer touch or even come near the boxes, dice or the stand.
Nothing is added or taken away.
The effect can be immediately repeated with different outcomes.
The effect can be performed completely surrounded.
There is no secret writing of any kind in the above routine.

Mystery of the Chinese Dice is made entirely of teak and completely hand-crafted with brass accents.

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