Enchanted Card Box

$ 165

With permission from Mr. Howard Baltus, this is one of the most elegant and refined card boxes ever produced. The contrasting inlay on the box makes for an exquisite piece of magic apparatus!

Here’s just one of the simple routines that you can perform with this cleverly gimmicked card box:

The performer shows a beautiful wooden box and asks one of the audiences to assist with an unusual experiment involving free will. The performer hands a spectator a sealed prediction along with a deck of cards to examine and thoroughly shuffle. The performer then asks him to place ANY one of the cards in the box and close the lid. A mystic spell is cast, and the spectator holding the prediction is instructed to open it and read it aloud. Now, the spectator himself removes the card inside the box and unbelievably, the randomly selected card matches exactly a sealed prediction that has been in full view all along!

The effect can be repeated with a different card each and every time!
Any deck of cards may be used and it is not gimmicked in any way!
The spectator has a perfectly free choice of any card, yet prediction is correct 100% of the time!

Please do not confuse this with a typical Locking Card Box as the working has been completely re-designed.

Finished in the finest possible coating with hand polishing and sanding in between.

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