Mystique with Blank & ESP Cards

$ 399.95

The performer hands a spectator five ESP cards, along with five opaque envelopes. While the performerís back is turned, the spectator mixes the cards completely and inserts one card into each envelope. The envelopes are then sealed and again mixed completely so the performer could not possibly know which cards go where. The spectator now hands one envelope to the performer, who immediately draws a big bold ESP symbol right on the envelope and hands it to a spectator. This is repeated with all five envelopes with absolutely no hesitation. The spectator now opens the envelopes and it is seen that the performer has perfectly divined the contents of each envelope! The envelope with the Circle drawn on it does, in fact, contain the Circle ESP card, the Square envelope contains the Square, etc. Itís a clever effect and a baffler since neither the cards nor the envelopes are marked in any way and can be examined completely.

This set will also come with 5 Blank Cards. Simply use an erasable washable marker or attach stickers to create your own routines.

Each card measures approximately 5.4cms x 8.5cms.

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