RFID Technology

Finally available for the first time to the magic industry, the complete self-contained programmable RFID system that allows you to read electronic chips in varying sizes and styles.

Mystique is an extremely powerful utility tool with the following key features:

Each electronic chip (125 kHz RFID tag) can be
programmed with its own number with no need for a computer, any special software or any technical knowledge!
You could now use your own RFID tags which are generally available on the market to suit your routines and preferences!
For total flexibility, any combination of size and style of RFID tags may be used with Mystique!
You can use up to 15 different RFID tags at the same time!
The discrete electronic unit supplied actually enables you
to perform the entire feat legitimately blindfolded and the signal is also repeated 2 times incase you miss the first transmission!

If you are interested in purchasing this amazing device, please click on one of the following options below to place an order.

Mystique with ESP Wooden Plaques

Mystique with Miniature Picture Frames

Mystique with Blank Cards & ESP Cards

Each unit is professionally constructed by a team of electronic engineers and intended for theatrical presentations, magicians and mentalists alike.

RFID Technology
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