Mind Paintings


A handsome box is opened to reveal a tray containing four miniature framed paintings. The performer then takes out the tray, shows the box entirely empty, and clearly drops a prediction inside the box in front of the spectator. The tray is then replaced. The spectator is invited to select her favorite painting, remove it and keep the painting in her possession. The performer then lifts the tray and clearly shows the prediction that previously put inside the box. The prediction is now removed by the spectator and surprisingly, it is the duplicated painting of the one the spectator selected!

The spectator has an absolutely free choice of any of the paintings!
The prediction was indeed placed inside the box at the beginning of the show!
The method is devilishly clever!

You can create your own message or add any of your favorite pictures in the frame to suit your routines and preferences!

The box measures approximately 13.5cms square by 9.5cms high. Supply your own paintings!

Finished in the finest possible coating with hand polishing and sanding in between.

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