Narai Card Box

$ 149.95

This is a great utility device with endless possibilities for magicians, mentalists and psychic entertainers.

Here’s one of the routines possible with Narai Card Box:

An ornate wooden box is shown all around and it is opened to show a deck of cards inside. The spectator is invited to freely shuffle a deck of cards and remove any card from the deck. This freely selected card is then placed in the box and the lid is closed. The performer then divines the name of the card, with no pumping of any kind!

This fabulous mechanical card box does all the work for you under these fair conditions:

There is absolutely no force of any kind.
No switching of the card at any time.
A deck of cards can be thoroughly shuffled.
You can use a borrowed deck of cards.
No marking or stacking systems involved.
Completely self contained.
Can be immediately repeated with a different outcome.
No assistants are needed.
Completely mechanical in operation!

Each set is beautifully crafted from the finest selected teak by a master craftsman.

Each set is individually numbered!

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