Cha Am Drawer Box

Apparatus from the Past

This item is sold out and no longer available for order. We are keeping this item on our website for informational purposes only.

Unquestionably, the Cha Am Drawer Box is one of the most elegant and beautiful of all drawer boxes made today.

The feature that elevates this above all other contemporary versions is in the fact that the entire drawer can be completely removed and shown empty BEFORE the production is made. The secret lies in the internal design which is a wonderful piece of miniature cabinet making. The load capacity is virtually the entire interior of the drawer which will also accommodate a full-sized poker deck.

The Cha Am Drawer Box is made from select Teak wood, with the top having been segmented using Teak/Maple and hand finished.

Each Cha Am Drawer Box is individually numbered at the bottom.

Apparatus from the Past
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