Phantom Block Penetration

$ 350

The performer shows a square wooden tube which has large windows at the front, back and at the top. A small stand which the tube sits on and a lid, along with a black wooden block and a solid brass rod are also shown. The block also has a hole running through it that corresponds to the holes in the sides of the tube. The performer now inserts the block into the tube, pushes the rod through the holes locking the block in place and then assembles the tube on the stand. Now, with the block remaining in full view, the performer merely pushes the lid against the top of the block and to the spectatorís surprise, the solid wooden block magically penetrates the brass rod and ends up visibly in the window at the bottom of the tube! The entire unit is then immediately turned upside down showing that there is no way the block could have passed though the rod as the block is seen to stop where it hits the brass rod. The block can now be removed and shown to be perfectly solid! Itís an incredible visual illusion.

Phantom Block Penetration has been inspired by the following previous creations: Edward Masseyís Miracle Block, Richard Resorís Supreme Block Penetration and Bill Adamsís Bionic Block which is by itself an amazing mechanical marvel as the effect can be done with no manipulation of the block.

The mechanical method for this item is absolutely ingenious and it does not rely on magnets to do the work, yet the effect can be immediately repeated!

This is, unquestionably, one of the most deceptive and visual block penetrations ever created.

The wooden tube including the lid and stand measures approximately 6.6cms wide x 14cms high x 6.6cms deep and has been completely handcrafted from natural aged teak wood with a lightly distressed oil finish. The block measures approximately at 5.5 cms cubed which is big enough for stand-up shows, yet small enough for the close-up table.

Our special thanks to Mr. John M. Talbot for suggesting the ideas & consultations on this amazing piece of magic.

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