Ghost Glass

$ 325

The performer displays a beautiful wooden stand with a wooden cover resting on one side along with a wooden tube on the other side. He now lifts the tube showing a clear (acrylic) glass and then lifts the cover showing a cloth. He then covers the glass with the cloth and places the wooden cover over both the cloth and glass. The tube is then placed on the other end of the stand with no other action of any kind done. Now, the performer lifts the wooden cover one last time, showing the glass and cloth are still in place and calls attention to the fact that nothing can happen to the glass without lifting the cover first. The performer then snaps his fingers and immediately lifts the cover showing the glass has completely vanished, leaving only the empty cloth on the stand! The glass has truly gone. Now, with empty hands and no hesitation whatsoever, the performer lifts the tube and reveals the previously vanished glass!

Only one glass is used and an initialed adhesive sticker can be affixed anywhere on the glass, if desired!
The effect is completely self-contained and nothing other than the items shown is used!
The mechanical method is absolutely ingenious, and does not rely on electronics, springs or magnets to make the effect possible and the glass can be shown up to the very last second!

Ghost Glass is a variation on the seldom seen Collector’s Workshop effect called Toast of The Town which by itself is a fabulous mechanical marvel. If you’re unfamiliar with the method, you’re going to be amazed by the very unique and intricately built mechanism used in this baffling mini magic illusion.

The entire set is absolutely striking in appearance and it is one of the most difficult and complex tasks our wood craftsman has ever attempted to construct!

The wooden stand is approximately 18.5cms wide, 3cms high and 8.5cms deep. The tube is 4.2cms wide, 10.7cms high and 4.2cms deep and the cover is 6.9cms wide, 7.2cms high and 6.9cms deep. The entire effect has been completely handcrafted from natural aged teak wood with a lightly distressed oil finish. Please note that a cloth not shown in the images is also included.

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