Enigma Chest II

$ 325

Since the release of our Enigma Chest in 2015, we have had many requests to produce a version which could be performed without the use of electronics. Now, we have found a way to make this possible!

A spectator is invited to call out any one of the ESP symbols. The choice is completely free and there is absolutely no force of any kind. The performer now directs attention to a beautiful wooden box that has been in full view the whole time and states that before the performance he wrote a prediction and placed it inside the wooden box. The performer then slides the drawer open revealing a single scroll of paper inside and invites a spectator to remove and read what is written on it. Surprisingly, the prediction inside the box perfectly matches the chosen ESP symbol!

It is an entirely one-man prediction system with no off stage assistant required!
The box is completely self-contained and no extra equipment is required!
The box remains in full view at all times, and the effect can be performed at any time during the performers show!
The method is truly a mechanical marvel with no electronics or pre-show work required!
There is absolutely no force of any kind and the effect can be immediately repeated, if desired!

The box measures approximately 10cms wide by 7.5cms tall and 13.5cms deep and is completely hand-crafted of genuine teak with a lightly distressed oil finish.

The engineering behind this effect is absolutely ingenious and hundreds of hours have gone into the development of this mechanical marvel! The brass & spring mechanism inside is highly elaborate due to a consequence of the manufacturing processes and the system can hold up to 6 predictions. It takes over 30 hours of workmanship to create one Enigma Chest due to the mechanism involved.

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