Atomic Glass Penetration

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A beautiful wooden frame with four window panes of glass is displayed. Each glass pane is now tapped in turn with a brass rod to show that it’s solid. Now, two panels with star traps are placed on the frame, one in front of two of the panes and one behind. The brass rod with a length of ribbon attached is then pushed through the star traps, apparently penetrating the glass! The rod and the panels are then removed, showing that the glass is unharmed and still perfectly solid. The panels are now placed over the other two glass panes and the effect is immediately repeated again! Next, two panels are placed in front and two on the back of the frame, covering all four of the glass panes and the brass rod is then pushed through each one, leaving the ribbon running completely through the star traps! The frame can then be shown on both sides and there is no explanation as to how the brass rod could have gone through all four of the glass panes! It looks truly impossible.

Now, comes the killer ending. The brass rod and the panels are again removed, and the glass is completely lifted out of the frame! It is seen, to the audience’s surprise that it’s not four separate panes, but one solid sheet of glass which is immediately handed out for examination.

This effect is based on an original idea called Warlock’s Glass Penetration; this is one of those effects that is really inexplicable. The brilliant design and engineering by Peter Warlock creates an unbelievably convincing illusion that makes it seem visually impossible to work the way one might think it would. It is an amazing illusion.

The frame stands approximately 18 cms high and 16.5 cms wide and is completely hand-crafted of genuine teak with a lightly distressed oil finish.

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