Silken Glass Mystery

$ 289.95

A beautiful wooden frame containing a sheet of Plexiglas is displayed. Affixed to the middle of the frame is a small wooden arm with a star trap which can be moved across the glass. The performer now taps on the sheet of Plexiglas to prove that it is solid. He then moves the star trap to where he just tapped and immediately pushes a silk right through the glass! The star trap is then slid away showing that the sheet of Plexiglas is completely unharmed and still perfectly solid! This can be repeated again at other positions on the glass, if desired. Finally, the wooden arm is removed and the frame can be shown on both sides leaving the spectator no explanation as to how the silk could possibly go through! It is a truly baffling penetration effect.

This is basically a smaller version of a very rare Magiro effect. Based on a classic glass penetration, Magiro has elevated it to a new level by having the hexagon shape of the glass inside a very slim wooden frame which makes the illusion incredibly deceptive.

The frame stands approximately 18.5 cms high and 14 cms wide and is completely hand-crafted from natural aged teak wood and finally adorned with 20 brass screws.

Special thanks to Mr. Tony Curtis for coming up with the name for this effect.

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