Ultimate Mummy Mystery

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The performer displays a beautiful sarcophagus along with five mummies; each of which has an embedded different colored gemstone. While the performer’s back is turned, a spectator is invited to place one of the mummies into the sarcophagus and close the lid. The remaining mummies are then hidden from view. The performer now turns around and immediately reveals which one of the mummies is concealed inside the sarcophagus without either touching or going near it!

This is one of the very few magic props used in mentalism that fits all of the following criteria.

(1) The performer touches nothing to make the divination!

(2) Its completely self-contained!

(3) No electronics or gimmicks are involved!

This version is a vast improvement on the classic “Mummy Mystery” effect where the total of five mummies can be used, and something not possible with any other versions on the market! The mechanical method on this item is also absolutely ingenious and it has been inspired by an extremely scarce piece of micro magic apparatus from Mr. Herbert Martin Paufler.

The effect can be immediately repeated and the performer, of course, never needs to touch the sarcophagus to make the divination!
The effect is entirely self-contained; there are no outside gimmicks of any kind used!
The effect is performed in full view and the sarcophagus never leaves the sight of the spectator, not even for an instant!

The photos really do not do justice to this very elaborate piece of magic apparatus! This is, without question, one of the finest and most exquisitely detailed “Mummy Mystery” effects ever produced. It is absolutely stunning in appearance!

The Ultimate Mummy Mystery measures approximately 19cms wide, 6cms high and 6cms deep. The entire outfit is extremely detailed and each set has been painstakingly and individually hand-crafted by our own exclusive artist and finally adorned with beautiful colored “gemstones”.

Special thanks to Mr. Tony Curtis for coming up with the name for this effect.

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