Ring thru Sword Mystery

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The performer displays a beautiful wooden tube along with a small brass sword & ring. He now picks up the tube to reveal two wooden posts which are attached to a thin base; each post has a hole near the top. The tube is then replaced and the sword is inserted through the holes via the sides of the tube. The ring is now dropped into the slot at the top and when the tube is finally removed, the ring is seen to have impaled itself ON the sword! Itís an impossible penetration!

The only way to remove the ring is to, in fact, remove the sword. If itís your performing style, then everything can now be handed out for complete examination.

Ring thru Sword Mystery has been inspired by one of the rarest pieces from Magiro called Witchís Tunnel. If youíre unfamiliar with the method, youíre going to be amazed by the ingeniously designed mechanism used with the non-magnetic ring.

The entire unit stands approximately 17.5cms tall, including a small brass handle and has been completely handcrafted from natural aged teak wood with a lightly distressed oil finish.

Our special thanks to Mr. David De Graef for suggesting the ideas & consultations on this amazing piece of magic.

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