X-Ray Card Shoe

$ 225

Based on a rare and expensive gaffed device, we are pleased to bring you our version of this specially designed “Card Dealing Shoe”.

This dealing shoe allows the operator to identify the next card to come out of the shoe. The advantage of this version is that it doesn’t have any electronics like the camera shoe, so there are no batteries to be charged. Plus, due to the “new” design, our dealing shoe can now be completely examined at the end and no one would discover that the shoe is gaffed!

This poker 2-deck dealing shoe measures approximately 10cms wide, 8.5cms high and 22cms deep and is completely hand-crafted from genuine teak. The shoe also has a heavy solid brass roller with a fluid movement, allowing easy dealing of your cards.

Please note that our gaffed dealing shoe is being sold for exhibition, entertainment and demonstration purposes only. The instructions will only teach you how to operate the device and no actual routine is provided.

Finally: You will also need two normal decks of cards which are not supplied.

Special thanks to Mr. Tony Curtis for coming up with the name for this effect.

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