Monarch Prediction Chest

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This is a utility device that will open the doors to many incredible routines. Included are routines for change in pocket, dinner date, chair test, etc. which were contributed by Mr. Tony Curtis, Mr. Simon Corneille and others.

Here is just one of the five routines supplied with the “Monarch Prediction Chest”:

An elegant wooden chest, which the performer states contains a prediction, is seen in full view and secured with a padlock. A volunteer is freely chosen and then invited to randomly throw the dart at the dart board and record whatever score that their dart has landed on. The chest is then handed to a spectator, along with a key. He opens the chest himself, and inside he finds a folded sheet of paper. The paper describes how the contents of this chest were locked one week ago and instructs the spectator to open the compartment in the bottom of the chest. He then opens it and inside is found a small scroll of paper. He, himself, removes it, unrolls it and reads what is written. Needless to say, the prediction in the chest matches the score the spectator hits on the board with the dart!

Many versions of this effect have been on the market over the years, but to the best of our knowledge, the “Monarch” system is the first and only version that has all of the following features:

It is an entirely one-man prediction system; no assistants on or off stage are necessary in any way!
The chest is completely self-contained; no palming or extra equipment is required!
The spectator himself can open the chest and remove the prediction!
The method is truly a mechanical marvel; no electronics and no pre-show!
The chest remains in full view at all times and the effect can be performed at any time during a show!
There is absolutely no force of any kind and the effect can be immediately repeated, if desired!

The chest measures approximately 15cms wide by 9cms tall and 11cms deep.

Each chest is completely handcrafted from natural aged teak wood and takes over 100 hours to build. The engineering behind this is cleverly designed and many hours of workmanship go into making one of these due to the mechanism involved.

Please note that the color of the dart you receive may vary from the picture shown.

Out of Stock
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