Emperor Ring Cabinet

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Special thanks to Mr. David De Graef for suggesting the ideas & consultations.

This is a magical penetration of a solid brass ring onto a solid brass rod which runs through a nicely decorated wooden cabinet.

The performer displays a small cabinet and removes the front cover showing it to be completely empty. He then replaces the cover and inserts the brass rod through the slots on the sides of the cabinet. Both tips of the rod remain in full view. Now, the ring is dropped into the cabinet. It is heard to strike the rod, but not to strike the floor of the cabinet! When the cover is removed, the ring is seen hanging on the rod! The only way to remove the ring is to, in fact, remove the rod.  Everything can then be handed out for examination. It is a stunning and inexplicable effect!

Each cabinet is completely hand-crafted from natural aged teak wood and is adorned with a slightly tarnished brass plaque with an engraved Bengal Tiger motif; even the deeply engraved designs and antique finish on the brass ring are truly remarkable.

The cabinet measures approximately 8cms square by 11.5cms high.

Out of Stock
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