Psychic Chest

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This is a great utility device that can be used for many effects. Here’s one of the routines possible:

A beautiful wooden chest is displayed and the lid is removed to show the inside. While the performer’s back is turned, the spectator is invited to place a golden medallion into any of the recessed area inside the base of the chest and then told to replace the lid. The performer, then without turning around, immediately reveals the correct location of the medallion, and also which side is facing up!

Second Routine:

The performer now introduces three plastic vials which the spectator can freely examine to note that they are identical in every way. He then turns his back and asks the spectator to mix the vials thoroughly and place them on the base of the chest without looking at the contents. The performer then, still with his back turned, concentrates and immediately determines which vial contains a $1 bill, a $20 bill and a $100 bill (Any other ’valuable’ items that will fit in the vials can also be used). One by one, the spectator is instructed to open the vials to confirm that the performer correctly identifies, with unerring accuracy, the contents of each of the vials without touching or even looking at the vials! The effect can be immediately repeated if desired.

The nice thing about it is that the performer is absolutely nowhere near the chest during the performance. The information is sensed by the electronics in the chest and transmitted to the performer in up to 20 feet distance. The receiver can also give the performer both visual and vibrating signal (Vibration Mode for one object and LED Mode for one or more objects).

The photos really don’t do this beautiful apparatus justice. This is the first time we have used ebony veneer for our effect. The wood is imported from Italy and it displays a rare depth and unique grain pattern that makes it so prized among collectors. It’s then completely handcrafted with a high-gloss jewelry box finish and lined in quality velvet fabric. The golden medallion with Sun & Moon motifs has also been delicately handcrafted and individually made.

The chest measures approximately 18.5cms wide, 8cms deep and 6cms high (excluding brass fittings).

Out of Stock
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