Ultimate Penetration Frame

$ 325

Hundreds of hours have gone into the development of this mechanical marvel. What is really amazing and makes the trick seem impossible is that the frame is only 1 inch wider than the actual size of the glass and it also eliminates all the card clips that appear in previous versions of this classic Penetration Frame.

A wooden frame containing a sheet of plexiglass is displayed on both sides. A small cover with three holes is then placed over the center of the glass. Without any hesitation, the performer plunges one brass rod through the hole in the center! Next, he pushes the other two rods through the remaining holes, apparently penetrating the solid sheet of plexiglass. The performer now pulls all the brass rods out and immediately removes the cover to reveal that a sheet of plexiglass is completely unharmed and still perfectly solid! There is no explanation for how the brass rods could possibly go through! It truly looks impossible.

Please note that the three holes represent the center of the glass and there is just no way the usual methods could possibly apply.

The frame measures approximately 12.5cms by 10cms and 1.5cms thick and completely hand-crafted from genuine teak with an antique natural distressed oil finish and finally adorned with 20 brass nails.

Each “Ultimate Penetration Frame” comes complete with a custom designed display stand.

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