Mini Phantom

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This is essentially a miniature illusion; kind of like the classic Blue Phantom with Casino Chips, but even better!

A small pedestal, a brass tube with a lid and seven poker chips, six black and one red are displayed. The performer shows the tube empty and then spreads the chips on the table showing them to be solid and separate chips. He then places the stack of poker chips into the tube with the red one at the bottom and then places the lid on. He then snaps his fingers and lifts off the tube, and the red chip is now seen to be second from the bottom of the stack! This is repeated until the red chip mysteriously rises all the way to the top!

Please note that the casino chips can be shown to be all solid and separate immediately after each and every transposition!

This is a great effect with a clever method which of course is completely mechanical in operation.

Mini Phantom measures approximately 8.5cms square by 7.5cms high and is completely hand-crafted using natural aged teak wood and metal with an antique brass finish.

Out of Stock
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