Impossible Glass Penetration

$ 289.95

The performer displays a solid sheet of glass and an empty wooden frame along with 4 mini brass swords. The glass is openly inserted into the frame through a slot in the top and the frame is clearly shown on both sides. The doors are now closed and a spectator is invited to try and push the swords through the holes but cannot do so, the glass is in fact solid.

The performer then says some magic words and, without hesitation, all 4 solid swords are pushed right through the glass! An impossible demonstration of solid through solid! Now, the swords are removed and the doors are immediately opened to show the glass still in place! The glass can then be pulled out of the frame and shown to be completely unharmed and solid.

A sheet of glass and all of the swords are not gimmicked in any way!
Completely self-contained and it does not use the usual sliding method!
The special wooden frame allows this all to happen!

What really separates this version from all the others is the way that the effect is achieved. There really seems to be no explanation for how a solid sheet of glass can avoid all FOUR swords at once!

Each frame is made entirely of teak and completely hand-crafted with brass accents.

The frame measures approximately 13cms wide x 14.5cms high x 9.5cms deep.

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